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全民運動會  | AME Stadium 運動電競館

Chris Ng

  • Current President of Good Fellow Group & Member of the Beijing Political Consultative Conference

  • Over 10 years experience in creation and development of new business and business management

  • Founder of Good Fellow Healthcare Holdings Limited (

全民運動會  | AME Stadium 運動電競館

Louis Mok
Co-Founder & CEO

  • 10 Years Experience in Event Management and Agency Work

  • Vice President of Hong Kong Miniature Football Association

  • 2019 become a member of China Enterprise Reform and Development Society, focus on domestic sports development

  • Partnership with 2022 Winter Olympics to promote Motion Esports development

全民運動會  | AME Stadium 運動電競館

Ka Hung 
Managing Director

  • Qualified Accountant experienced in financial management and IPO project

  • Current vice president of Good Fellow Group

  • Former manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers of Hong Kong

  • Experienced in sports development: Honorary President of Hong Kong Basketball Association ("HKBA) since 2015

  • HKBA Division A player since 2007, current Director of Chun Yu Basketball Association & headcoach of St. Joseph's College

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